Review: The Lexus CT 200h

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The CT 200h is the first luxury hybrid compact car on the market. It comes with a range of hi-tech features that can be confusing to use at times but overall the car provides a very enjoyable ride, fitting with its luxury car branding.

Overall Rating:


The 1.8 litre petrol engine is well-balanced despite having to work very hard at high speeds. The CT 200h uses its electric motor to boost the overall power of the engine from 99bhp to 136bhp and can also be used solely for short periods of time when travelling under 25mph. A range of differing modes alter the performance of the car, ‘Sport’ mode will improve the handling, throttle response and increases the power input from the electric motor whilst ‘Eco’ mode will provide on-screen instructions for improving fuel economy.

Ride & Handling

Not the most comfortable car on the market but it does well to combine the handling of a small car with the ride quality of a luxury saloon. The handling will differ between driving modes so there’s a fair amount of scope between the more agile ‘Sport’ mode and the more laid back ‘Eco’ mode.


When cruising at low speeds with the electric motor running the show you’ll only be disturbed by the sound of other cars and a small amount of tyre noise. Unfortunately at the other end of the scale when travelling at speed there will be a great deal of engine noise due in part to the high revving CVT auto gearbox.

Buying & Owning

The CT 200h is certainly not the cheapest car to buy or even run for that matter. The cost comes, in part, down to the hybrid technology which, does not save you a great deal of money on fuel as the engine is running most of the time, charging the battery or giving a little extra power. However the very low emissions do mean that you’ll pay minimal road tax and the generous amount of toys inside the car will ensure that you won’t feel like you’ve been ripped off.

Quality & Reliability

Lexus has become known for its reliability and this model looks to carry on that trend, you’ll notice how solid and well-built the interior feels. If you’re looking for durability and an interior that’s going to last for years then the CT 200h is definitely a safe bet.

Safety & Security

As you would expect from a car packed with technology the CT 200h certainly doesn’t lack in the safety department. With 8 airbags, traction control, intrusion sensors and an immobiliser you can rest assured that your car will be safe to drive or leave parked on the road.

Space & Practicality

The CT 200h suffers from a small boot on account of the large battery. Aside from this the seats fold flat and provide a fair amount of space for transporting larger items about.


If you choose to go for a higher spec model then you expect a mass of gadgets and toys to aid your driving experience. The £31k Premier variant comes with a rear parking camera, park assist, full leather interior as well as a 13-speaker surround system, DVD player and Hard drive for storing all your music on. Radar assisted cruise control can be added at an additional cost of £2,700.

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