E3: Sony unveil the PlayStation Vita and new 3D hardware

Posted on June 7, 2011 by


Sony have unveiled the successor for the PlayStation Portable with a new handheld console, the PlayStation Vita, at E3 in California.

The PSVita, or Next Generation Portable (NGP) as it has become known, will be available from summer this year in the US.

Sony’s Kazuo Hirai said: “PlayStation Vita will be the first product that blurs the lines between your game and real life.”

“Front and rear cameras allowing for augmented reality, it will have both WiFi ($249 or £150) and 3G ($299 or £180) models for on-the-go gaming.”

Eagerly awaited new title, Bioshock Infinite, will also be released on the Playstation Vita as well as with a free copy of the original.

Twitter user and Sony fan heeroyuym​it said: “Free Bioshock on the PS3 version of Bioshock Infinity, consider me sold on the PS3 over the 360 version.”

Amongst other releases for the PSVita will be unique versions of Little Big Planet, Uncharted 3 and Street Fighter X Tekken.

President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, Jack Tretton announced that a new 24 inch PlayStation television will be made available in an attempt to make 3D more accessible to the public. In the US it will retail at around $499 (£304) and includes the new Resistance 3, a HDMI cable and a pair of 3D glasses.

Mr Tretton briefly apologised at the start of the conference for Sony’s recent problems with hackers gaining customer details.

He said: “Without you there is no PlayStation, I know we took you away from what you enjoy doing the most and it is you that both causes us to be humble and both amazed at the support you gave us.”

The global technology company also announced a number of new games including Resistance 3 and the highly anticipated and 3D-capable, Uncharted 3.

One of the new games to make use of the PlayStation Move and 3D functionality is InFamous 2 and MediEval Moves: Dead Man’s Quest which will be released to the US market in Autumn 2011.

To add to the announcements, Massive Multiplayer Online game Dust 514 will join the PC game Eve to create one single gaming environment in Spring 2012 (in America).

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