“The world is changing, we have to change”

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Adam Parr, chairman of the Williams Formula 1 team has come out in favour of the proposed changes to the sport set to take place in 2013.

The changes which have been designed to make the sport ‘greener’ will involve replacing the current 2.4 litre V8 engines used by the teams with a 1.6 litre, four-cylinder turbo  engine.

Mr Parr told the BBC; “Formula 1 is ultimately defined by its technology and its constant reinvention of itself, whether on the chassis side or the engine side, is fundamental to the nature of the sport.”

“The world is changing, we have to change”

Adam Parr, Chairman of Williams

Mr Parr suggested that spectators would become bored with the sport if it was seen to be ‘standing still’. This is definitely up for debate and there are a lot of big names within Formula 1 that disagree with Parr’s views. These include Ferrari, Mercedes and F1 Commercial Boss, Bernie Ecclestone to name just a few.

The trouble with making everything green is that even though it may contribute to saving the planet, it’s not very exciting.

Could this mean that in 2013 we’ll be burying Formula 1? Would anyone watch high-speed racing without the ‘high-speed’?

Horse racing in the UK is a massive sport that couldn’t become much greener if it tried, does that mean that we can get over the idea of becoming ‘green’ in Formula 1?

I’m not too sure. High power and low weight has always been the appeal to me, the thrill of seeing humans driving cars around bends at 100 mph, overtaking maneuvers using the slip stream of the car in front. That iconic sound of a Formula 1 racer hurtling down the home straight. All these reasons and more are what have me a little fear-full about the changes.

Take the excitement out of Formula 1 and all you’ll be left with is traffic.

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