Aston Martin to bring Lagonda back from the dead

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Daring Ulrich Bez, boss of Aston Martin, has confirmed that the Lagonda is going to be brought back to life after the original went out of production over 20 years ago.

The car was unveiled in 2008 at the Geneva Motor show and is set to be Aston Martin’s latest attempt to reach into a new market.

With its current cars only suited for use in certain countries, the new Lagonda range will be between £100,000 to £300,000, four-wheel drive and capable of handling harsher climates like those of Russia.

It carries on the controversial styling of the original Lagonda with the love or hate look that many will criticise.

The new Lagonda

I have to admit though, It’s growing on me.

I think the mistake to make here is to compare it to the Vanquishes, the DB9s and the Rapides. This is a brand new car, styled in partnership with Mercedes that certainly ticks the same boxes as its older brother, without the god-awful electrics (I hope).

Ulrich Bez was quoted on the Autocar website as saying:

“Lagonda will be a brand in its own right, of equal standing and status as Aston Martin, but with a totally different and independent identity”

The original Lagonda

Of course it’s very difficult to judge this as a new car when we can remember its predecessor as being more of a statement than a brilliant car. The original Lagonda was known for being a quick attempt by Aston to make some well needed cash and it did just that. It was snapped up by many high-earners as the world’s most expensive saloon.

Aside from the new and in-your-face styling it had modern gadgets that during its design had a budget four times bigger than the car itself. Unfortunate then that they tended to fail after a short while.

The original Lagonda became a symbol of technology, it was bold enough to take a risk on a whole host of new gadgets that needed a whole lot more development. Still, should the problems the old one faced be a reason to dismiss this latest attempt? I certainly don’t think so.

I love the look of the original Aston Martin range but only a fool would shun attempts by the group to try something new.  I’ll admit I was more concerned when I first saw pictures of the Cygnet than I am now. I’m glad this car keeps the Aston look whilst branching out, avoiding the ‘squashed’ style of the Cygnet.

Would you have a new Lagonda? Post a comment below and let me know what you think of it.

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