Heathrow to Melbourne via the Moon

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Head of the Virgin empire, Richard Branson has announced that there are only a few months to go until Virgin Galactic starts launching manned space flights.

It seems there’s a chance that supersonic travel could be back, and in a big way. In fact he even said to T3 magazine:

Our engineers are also very keen to see if they can create transcontinental travel using similar technology that send people from London to Australia in a fraction of the time that it currently takes to go there, maybe two and a half hours, two hours.

The VSS Enterprise

The idea being that not only would you get to Australia in about the same time as it takes to drive from London to Birmingham, you’d also be able to go into space on the way. Don’t expect it to be cheap however, flights into space alone are costing around $200,000 and it’ll be a while until Mr Average Joe can afford to go book a flight at his local space agent.

Realistically speaking it’ll probably be killed off by the green police before it can become a major success. Not to mention the last time we had supersonic commercial travel and why it was stopped. It felt like we took a step back down the technology ladder when we scrapped Concorde in 2003. Add to that mix the unfamiliar idea of sending the public into space and you can watch those safety concerns grow like soap in a microwave.

Still if I had cash to burn I’d pay to fly into space, wouldn’t you? Let me know what you think by commenting.

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