Review: HTC Desire Z

Posted on March 7, 2011 by


HTC is a smartphone brand that tends to be overshadowed by the likes of Blackberry and Apple. This doesn’t allow the full potential of the HTC phones to be viewed by the public.

Although there are certain specifications of the HTC that match the criteria of the iPhone and the Blackberry models I still believe that the HTC Desire is very much a front-runner within the smartphone market. More so in fact than the iPhone 4 and Blackberry Torch.

The HTC Desire Z

The HTC runs on a 2.2 Android operating system which allows for a much faster and smoother running of the phone. The previous issues with other Android systems have been corrected and although it is not completely faultless it’s running a lot better than the Blackberry 6.0 operating system and the iPhone’s iOS 4 which are a lot slower and harder to use.

A full QWERTY keyboard is a must on a phone nowadays. The ability to use your phone as a ‘mini’ computer is a very useful tool that comes in handy very often. However, the keyboards on a lot of phones can be hard to use, especially on the Blackberry models; the keys are small and it can be very difficult to type.

The HTC Desire on the other hand has a good-sized keyboard that allows for easy use without the worry of having to retype every word because you have hit too many buttons. The touch screen capabilities allow the phone to be used quickly and easily for minor tasks like ringing a contact and the track pad allows the phone to be used in a non-touch-screen manor with just as much ease.

With a 3.7’’ Super LCD touchscreen the HTC has, by far, the best screen of the Torch, Desire and iPhone 4. As the biggest and in my opinion, clearest, it makes games, videos and all other media types an enjoyably experience.

All three of the phones have a 5 megapixel camera, which seems to be standard for phones at the moment, but the Desire Z, along with the Torch has a built-in flash as well. Allowing for photos to be taken in even the darkest of rooms.

All 3 phones also have social networking capabilities and email pushing, as well as a high-speed internet connection and wireless capabilities.

In my opinion however, the HTC Desire Z wins hands down with a mix of the good things from both phones.

It is as if the guys at HTC have taken those good points and made them even better, making a phone that probably shouldn’t be classed as a phone, but as a multimedia haven.

You can buy a sim-free HTC Desire Z from for £369.99