How much does it cost to be cool? £275,000

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Official pictures of the new Lamborghini Aventador have been released and well… they speak for themselves…

This new car is set to replace the old Murcielago which was certainly no push over. In fact the top spec Murcielago, the Superveloce had a 670bhp V12 powerhouse. The Aventador however will reach 60mph in half a second quicker than the old Lambo, hitting that magic number in 2.9 seconds.

While you’re reading this sentence the Aventador has already hit 60. That’s quick. Time for another picture…

It just has that schoolboy fantasy look, even though it’s not the craziest car we’ve seen in recent years you still look at it and think ‘Wow’. Certainly cars like the Pagani Zonda have a more sensational look to them but then again was that a good-looking car? It stood out just like it should have but what the Aventador has is looks as well as being something that screams ‘look at me’. Lamborghini said this about the new engine:

‘The extremely well-rounded torque curve, the bull-like pulling power in every situation, the spontaneous responsiveness and, last but not least, the finely modulated but always highly emotional acoustics are what make this engine a stunning power plant of the very highest order.’

That’s a bit fancy though so here’s what you need to know; this new car weighs 1,575kg and if that doesn’t mean much to you then that’s as much as a fully loaded  Skoda Fabia. Add to this the fact that it is powered by a brand new 6.5 litre, 691bhp V12 engine and the poor guy driving the Skoda next to you is actually going to consider part exchanging his family for one.

What’s even better is that this beast is only 2mm longer than a Mondeo so you can let your partner have a go.

That’s if they can pry the key from your cold-dead hand.

So what’ll it be? Do you go for the old Murcielago? Or the new Aventador? My money’s on the new boy. Vote on the poll below and comment if you fancy it, let me know what you think!

The Murcielago


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