Vuzix Wrap 280, the mobile 3D TV

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The Wrap 280, available from

A massive widescreen television for £199 that you can carry around anywhere. This seems like a bit of a no-brainer.

Whoever you are, if there is one gadget you should buy this year then this is it. Available in a number of different models ranging from £149 to £349 there’s a pair of TV specs for everyone on

At the top end of the range you can experience a 3D 67″ screen from what feels like 9 ft away.

There is even a model solely for games consoles that features a microphone and a motion sensor. Essentially when playing your 1st-person shooter you can simply move your head to control where your character looks.

In fact an improved version of this is set to be released later this year. Named the Wrap 1200VR, these specs will give you all the gaming perks mentioned above but on what seems like a 75″ widescreen.

For now however the mid-range model, the Wrap 280 is probably the best choice for the casual user. You’ll have the built-in headphones, 2D and 3D functionality as well as the ability to connect to your phone, DVD player, iPod and games console. The batteries will last around six hours which may not seem long but if you buy yourself a few rechargeable batteries and you’re practically laughing.

You would be forgiven for thinking that it may be slightly dangerous to put a massive TV screen up against your eyes but these specs are completely safe to wear. Although that said, with the 3D capability you should probably sit down when you use them or else you may end up throwing yourself into a river to avoid gunfire.

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