The £1 million luxury car that’s simply electric

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The Rolls-Royce Phantom is the basis of the new electric car

Rolls-Royce have recently announced that they are going to unveil their one-off electric remake of the luxurious Phantom in March.

The Daily Mail believes the EX-102 will cost around £1 million but is this a realistic price? Over £600,000 more than a standard Phantom, surely no-one would spend more than half a million on being green? Maybe they will…

It’s no secret that the Prius was a huge success in America thanks to the celebrity desire to appear ‘green’. This would be the ultimate statement of ‘eco-friendliness’ and besides, all the money spent on the car would be made back through the exempt road tax status and cheap recharge cost, eventually.

Maybe the future of electric cars is about luxury, if we have to lose the thrill of a V8 (or in the case of the Phantom the 6.7 litre V12), then shouldn’t we all be allowed to drive in luxury?

The new Jaguar concept car, the C-X75 takes the idea of an electric car a little further and might just let us keep the thrill of a high-powered engine… by introducing jet engines.

The Jaguar C-X75 uses a jet engine to recharge

An article on explained that:

Developed by British engineering firm Bladon Jets, the turbines combust the air, driving a generator that recharges the battery on the move, boosting the C-X75’s range from 110km to 900km — or London to Paris and back.

A Jaguar with a jet engine that can manage London to Paris at over 200mph… Yeah I think I could look past the ‘electric’ bit for that.

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