Rovio, the Wi-Fi robot

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Rovio, available from for £199

Ever go home for half term to find your little brother has had his hands all over your perfectly organised DvD collection? Well meet Rovio, your replacement while you stay at university.
Rovio is essentially a remote control robot that you can operate using your computer, mobile phone or games console. You can
view what Rovio sees though its head-mounted camera, you can hear what people are saying with its microphone and you can tell
your brother to back off out of your room before you come back home with your friend Pain.

Well he’ll probably just laugh and put you in a draw. Still, this little robot has a thousand and one applications. Girlfriend annoyed with you for a reason you can’t explain? Just send in little Rovio to say “Sorry. Love you.” If she kicks you across the room you better seek some sort of advice because you’ve messed up.
Maybe you’re a bit of a prankster? Why not drive little Rovio under your parents bed, wait for them to nod off and then… well I’m sure you can get creative. Police siren, ringing telephone or maybe just start talking to spook them out.

How about this? You’ve been up all night drinking, you wake up in someone else’s bathroom. You’re not kidding anyone, getting to that 9am lecture is about as likely as meeting Lady Gaga in the canteen. Maybe Rovio can help? Send it in with a friend and sit back and watch your lecture from the comfort of your bed.

That makes £199 seem like a bargain.

This is a very intelligent gadget, you can control it from anywhere with an Internet connection and when Rovio is low on power it
can automatically find its way back to its docking station. Based on this there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to communicate with your friends and family at any time.
Furthermore little Rovio is so clever that it can remember where it’s been, meaning you’ll be able to tell it to go to kitchen without having to remotely drive it yourself.

In fact the only thing this robot struggles with is stairs…


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