The Moller Skycar M400

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The Moller Skycar M400, soon to be yours for £324,000 from

When you win the lottery this is  what you’ll want to buy first. A £324,000, 380mph, flying car.

Let’s start with the realistic drawbacks. For example there are a number of questions that arise with your future purchase. You’ll want to consider how you plan to tax this ‘car’? I mean road tax doesn’t really work here. What happens if you run out of fuel while you’re at its maximum height of 29,000ft? (That’s how tall Mount Everest is). What do the police do when they try to pull you over for doing 300mph down the motorway and then proceed to take-off? Well that’s probably the last of your worries, just be thankful it comes with emergency parachutes to keep you and your three passengers safe.

Realistically this is just a concept car, although it has been made and can fly. Maybe then it won’t be too long  till we are all crashing into each other in the skies? Watch all the new jobs created when the government have to commission the Skyways Agency. Look out for the Police car versions hiding on buildings recording how fast you’re flying over that school.

Best of all perhaps, watch out for the look on the face of the girl you’ve been flirting with when you crash your dad’s brand new Skycar into a tree after you claimed that you could ‘handle it’ and that it was ‘just like riding a bike.’




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