“Let us teach you a lesson you’ll never forget: don’t mess with Anonymous”

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The Anonymous Saga continues

And that’s really what this is turning into now. It seems like a Sci-Fi story gone wrong. ‘Anonymous’ has now attacked the US security firm HBGary because it claimed to know the identity of the top members of the cyber group. Now we can add even more attacks to the already extensive list.

Back in October we saw the group rise to fame for attacking a number of pro-copyright campaigners such as the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and even the US Copyright Office. Then we saw the group strike out against attempts to close down thepiratebay.org where ‘Anonymous’ said: “Enemies of freedom, hear me. The immortal rank of the Internet is with us and we are invincible. Our soldiers will strike you down.”

More recently we’ve seen children being arrested for helping the group use their LOIC to attack the likes of Mastercard and PayPal in retaliation for withdrawing their support of the Wikileaks website.

This image was used to replace the website of US security firm HBGary

Now it seems the guys behind the attacks are getting a little nervous, or if they’re not then maybe they should be. The danger here for ‘Anonymous’ is that they’ve spent months and months fighting for their cause. They have been trying to protect the free flow of information, they want file-sharing to be accepted by the world. They want organisations like Wikileaks to be celebrated.

How ironic then that when a separate group attempts to reveal their identities, they strike out to prevent the information from being released. Of course if and when the world finds out who is behind ‘Anonymous’ they’ll be thrown out quicker than Andy Gray and Richard Keys (even though they’ve already landed new jobs with the BBC). Still, if you want to campaign for the freedom of information shouldn’t you promote that very idea yourself?

What has been in my mind over the past few months is; what gives ‘Anonymous’ the right to carry out these attacks?  I feel that every time I read about a new attack I’m left thinking that their actions are petty and almost child-like. Every time I read the over dramatised threats like the latest of: “Let us teach you a lesson you’ll never forget: don’t mess with Anonymous,” I think to myself that they have gone and lost a little more respect, there’s no need to talk as if you fell out of a book by Tolkien.

Standing up for what you believe in is all well and good but get carried away and you lose sight of why you stood up in the first place. Sure the publicity is always good but I’m still not certain about all this, something doesn’t quite sit right.


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