“I have to tell you about the future!”

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One of my main aims for the second week of my work experience was to work on my ability with a phone. With all this tech and new ways of communicating I kind of feel like I’ve missed out on a huge gap of my education.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the basics, pick it up, say hello etc. Yet still whenever I go for that telephone interview or even to simply arrange one I seem to hesitate and become nervous. I’m having to teach myself to speak again, what will I say, what will I say if they say this. It’s a little silly but then again I’m used to writing a message, firing it into the internet and then waiting for a reply. Emailing is just so quick and easy nowadays. There’s no point in me telling you about a story I want you to comment on, I’ll just show you.

Is this just me? Maybe I’m becoming a little phonophobic. No probably not. It seems to me that technology is taking over everywhere I look, this morning I was offered two ways to pay for my parking ticket, coins or phone. Now I’m not too keen on ringing someone, handing over my card details and then trusting them when they say ‘okay, you can park there now’ so I have to withdraw money, buy some chewing gum and pay for my ticket. The word ‘hassle’ doesn’t quite cut it.

I can’t even get into the building without getting passed a remotely locked door. I have to wave frantically at the security guard and then once he’s let me in I have to go wave frantically at the receptionist whose sitting behind another remotely locked door. I’m fed up of waving at doors, I just want them to open like they used to!

Now you may think this whole thing is a little ironic. A wannabe Tech-geek journalist whose struggling with electronic doors. But realistically there’s a line. I want gadgets that make me say ‘wow, that was easy’, like my Blackberry. Emails, the Internet and calls all in one place, simple.

Not everything needs to be ‘teched-up’, I want to pay for parking with money and open doors with my hands! But seriously does it ever seem like things are getting too intelligent? I mean look at this, a treadmill mixed with a desk. Really?

Let’s not ruin technology people, let’s get tech on the path back to the future.

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