Video Killed the Photography Star

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The idea of a headcam isn’t a new one. In fact the army and police have been using them for a few years now. However it’s recently been announced that the Looxcie headcam will soon be available to all of us for around $200. Is this a blessing for the information age? Or has Big Brother just got bigger?

The headcam will be able to record around 5 hours of footage to start off with. And the best thing? It will connect to your mobile phone so whenever you see something worth sharing, you can.

Mum can’t make your wedding? Just slap a headcam on someone and she can be right there with you. Can’t make the birth of your son?… you see where this is going. We humans are lazy when it comes to tech, as soon as something appears to make our lives a little easier we’ll snap it up and get angry when you take it away from us. This camera will surely turn into yet a another excuse to not leave the house, ‘ah I’ll just watch someone else’s eyes’.

Then again, if you do happen to leave the house, who knows what you’ll see? Maybe you’ll witness a kidnapping or a mugging take place and as a result of your camera the bad guys will be brought to justice? Maybe you left the house to go see your mistress,? Be sure to take it off before you cheat on your wife… too late, now Twitter and Facebook are swarming with videos of you ruining your marriage.

Okay so I’m exaggerating, but the point is valid. Not everything you see you’ll want to share with the world, privacy is pretty valuable these days, are you really ready to surrender it so easily? So maybe you don’t wear it all the time, but then if you’re not wearing it all the time, what’s the point?

The Headcam

The Looxcie headcam, would you wear one? Vote on the poll below

For the multimedia journalist though this promises to be good, or does it? There certainly won’t be any video exclusives any more, selling footage to big media giants won’t happen. What about copyright? It could turn into a multimedia nightmare. I feel sorry for the poor sap that’s going to have to sit through hours and hours of amateur, head-bobbing, out-of-focus footage, oh wait, that’s probably going to be me…

At least one thing is certain though. Want a safe, long-term job? Go and talk to the guys at YouTube.


Would you wear a headcam? With no record button it would be recording all the time, too intrusive? Or a handy tool to prevent you from missing a thing? Vote on the poll below, make sure you click the ‘Vote’ button after you’ve selected.

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