The Immortal Pirates

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So the file-sharing program LimeWire, which allowed millions of people to download music for free has been shut down by the US Government after 10 years, but has anything really been achieved? I mean I’ve only recently discovered that LimeWire has a 6 year old little sister named FrostWire. It offers exactly the same functionality as LimeWire other than the major difference that it is, at present, legal.

So it seems pretty obvious that the millions of LimeWire users are just going to jump across to this other program. The Lime Company have already stated that they’re “creating a completely new music service that puts you back at the center of your digital music experience.” So what’s really to stop other programs from filling its now empty shoes?

With ISPs like Virgin Media now offering 100MB broadband it’s even easier to quickly download music, films etc. Not to mention all the other websites and programs that allow users to share files with each other, is it really a fight that can be won?

On the topic of fight, for 4 hours the RIAA website was offline today after cyber group ‘Operation Payback’ attacked by overloading the site with information. The organiser, known only as ‘Anonymous’ said the attacks will continue until “we stop being angry”. It all seems a little petty to me and now it looks like it is starting to get out of control. The anonymous character is trying to rally people to hassle the CEO of RIAA and his family, ordering pizzas to be delivered to their house. Overstepping the mark slightly I fear.

LimeWire at its peak in 2009


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