A Taste of Google-Fame

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After three weeks of tinkering and tweaking I’ve finally appeared on Google. I had to be clever about it, after 21 years with the name Stephen Hayton I’ve heard all the variations: Steven, Steve, Hayten, Hayden, Haiton, I could go on forever. Unfortunately this variation could play nightmare when it comes to searching for my website through a search engine. The solution to this was pretty simple, I needed to include a selection of the variations of my name on the website so when someone  fails to spell my name, Google would still find and suggest my site.

I quietly hid the variations on the sidebar

At present the website is a sort of exercise, something I can use to practice on and eventually use as a ‘proof-of-ability’ when it comes to finding work. In the long run who knows, maybe I’ll be able to use it as a way of finding work, or turn it into a news hub? For £30 a year I certainly cannot complain, even if it just sits there, there is something special about having your own name in between the ‘www’ and the ‘co.uk’.

This has been part of a long trail of thought for me, it seems to me that ignoring computers would be fatal, especially for a wannabe journalist like myself. In 2008 there were complaints that new journalists struggled with new technology so I thought I would make sure I was someone who knew computers, or at least a little bit.

But this isn’t about online journalism killing off the newspaper, or even about articles like this. The ‘revolution’ as Steen Steensen puts it, whether it happens or not doesn’t acknowledge the fact that we have no control over the fact that the world  is going through constant changes as technology advances. In years to come, whether newspapers are around or not we are all going to need to be ‘fluent’ in computer talk. It’s far too easy to fall behind and become lost in a sea of technology.

It's a nice feeling, even if I am the 7th most popular Stephen Hayton

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