The FT and its million pound App-le

Posted on October 14, 2010 by


Critics of the iPad would tell you the hype that surrounded its release was just another media storm designed to make everyone go out and buy the next big thing. Well, it kind of was, I mean the immediate use of the iPad was never clear to me. I would think; “So it’s like a notebook, but smaller?” not quite, “a phone but larger?” Again, not really. The whole point of the iPad was seemingly vague. You could say I had my doubts, however now, a few months after its release and it couldn’t be bigger. Who would have guessed that we would see the day when articles like this are written?

It’s not just the FT that is making it big with apps. The Guardian’s iPhone app was downloaded 69,000 times in its first month, that’s a yearly projected revenue of nearly £2 million a year.

Some say the media industry is struggling for cash. Luckily for the industry, they’ve found Apples.

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